Friday, July 04, 2008


Yesterday, i've tried again to register my master tru gso portal. Syukur allhamdulillah. Lucky me. I've no need to go to gso.A lot of work to do maa..and of course can save my money for toll and petrol..hehehe

Today, my hubby go to upm..for his new registration. before that, he need to make medical check up. he dicided do it at PK only..also need to pay. Last time in 2007, i need to pay RM80.This time im not sure how much.

Poor him, need to wait until 2.45pm before check up. Last time he accompanied me to upm, this time he do it alone..hehehe..need to finish something lah..

I must finish my master this semester. If not..mati la..much2 money need to pay for travel only...fees,books, foods, kids, OT and etc. Last time only me, now my hubby also need to travel when he got class there. I hope something miracle happen to us. Semoga Allah mudahkan urusan, murahkan rezeki kepada orang yang menuntut ilmu. Amiinnnn...

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