Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nak ke tak nak?

Suppose today we should go to Seremban to sign the S&P. But hubby can't go because he has something urgent to settle. So, we have to postpone it to tomorrow evening, 3pm.

This morning ibu got called from vendor. She was not satisfied with the agreement that not mention about the true price. Hmmm....sudah explained so many times to her. Susah jugak deal dengan dia straight on paper la. Actually, my lawyer dah informed yang akan ada one additional letter yang mention about the true price. Nak kata takut kena byr income tax tinggi, tak kena bayar sebenarnya because the house over 5 years already.

Tengok esok petang camner...

Nih nak jual ke tak nak nih????

Kalau pihak sana yang kansel, bayar kami double boleh????

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